Automotive Management Training

Training is a process, not an event

Increase customer satisfaction, and improve your profitability.

We at Vanguard Dealer Services understand that the profitability of a dealership is directly indicative of the techniques, abilities and experience of its salespeople. Dealerships that understand the importance of consistent development of its people is a solid investment and a formula that will always outperform those Dealers that don’t.

Vanguard Dealer services’ sales & sales management training is geared to educate and support all those who want to achieve excellence in the retail automotive sales industry. Our training courses are designed for all salespeople, at all levels, within your dealership. The targeted training curriculums and our ongoing support will help your dealership salespeople excel to the limits of their potential.

The best dealerships have the best people and Vanguard Dealer Services continues to deliver results! Our training methods and principles have been producing results for over 30 years helping to increase dealership success and achieve dealership goals. Vanguard Dealer Services sales & sales management training continues to play an integral role at hundreds of dealerships nationwide, including some of the largest dealer groups in the nation.

Automotive Management Training

At Vanguard Dealer Services, we understand that a dealership’s success relies on its sales team’s skills, expertise, and continuous development. Consistent training and development are essential for long-term profitability and staying ahead of competitors. Our Finance and Insurance training programs are designed to empower individuals to excel in the automotive sales industry. With customized curriculums and ongoing support, we help your sales team maximize their potential. With over 30 years of proven results, Vanguard Dealer Services’ training methods have contributed to increased dealership success and goal attainment.