Onsite Automotive Training

Training is not an event, it’s a process

Increase customer satisfaction, and improve your profitability.

Our expert trainers diligently oversee and enhance your dealership’s performance throughout the training process. Each visit from our team includes a comprehensive report detailing the progress in your finance management, along with insights into our on-site activities. This approach ensures your active involvement and support at every stage of the development journey.

Vanguard Dealer Services stands out with a readily available ‘bullpen’ of seasoned finance and insurance managers, alongside a proven track record in nurturing new talents in finance management right from within your dealership. This internal promotion strategy offers several advantages:

  • Unwavering employee loyalty in appreciation of the growth opportunity.
  • Enhanced dealership reputation for fostering career advancement.
  • Training in best practices and compliance from the ground up, avoiding ingrained bad habits.
  • Cost-effectiveness due to the initial lower salary scale of new finance professionals.

We believe that training is a continuous journey, not a one-off event. Our dedicated trainers work closely with your finance managers, providing personalized guidance until our shared objectives are met.

Key to our strategy is maximizing Finance & Insurance (F&I) profits. This is achieved through a consistent approach: presenting our complete range of products to every customer, every single time. Vanguard’s “Road to the Finance Sale” has earned the title of the most effective method of finance development in the market today as proven by hundreds of dealers currently executing our program in their stores.