Vehicle Service Contracts

Dealership Vehicle Service Contract Solutions

Increase customer satisfaction, and improve your profitability.

Vehicle services contracts (VSC) that Vanguard Dealer Services offers can match the high standards developed by the factory warranty programs, specifically addressing tech sensors and components. A vehicle service contract protects your customers from covered repair costs due to a mechanical breakdown after a vehicle’s warranty expires, including new technology components.

Additionally, each VSC includes a suite of benefits to get the customer back on the road as quickly as possible. Extending the protection for mechanical repairs of major components is one of the best investments they can make for their car.

We have multiple options to provide your dealership with the right level of customer protection, based on mileage customers drive and how long they plan to keep their vehicles.

Our VSC coverage includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Wrap Coverage
  • Certified Wrap Coverage
  • High Mileage Coverage up to 200,000 miles

You can generate more revenue for the dealership while providing a piece of mind to the customer knowing that they have a best in class VSC covering their vehicle. We can help you increase customer satisfaction while generating essential revenue for your dealership.

Our VSC program is a fully insured auto warranty company by “A” rated insurance carriers and approved by all lenders.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Our Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) provides comprehensive protection against covered repair costs due to mechanical breakdowns after a vehicle’s warranty expires, including coverage for new technology components. This service offers variable options tailored to mileage and ownership duration, ensuring the right level of protection. Additionally, each VSC includes extra benefits to minimize downtime and ensure a quick return to driving.