Dealer Incentive Management

Money Motivates.

Dealership performance improvement.

It is no surprise that F&I Managers respond favorably for your dealership when there is a well-structured incentive plan. With our Incentive plans, an arrangement is made between yourself and Vanguard Dealer Services, LLC to set aside money to power our journey in exceeding your performance expectations. Our dealer incentive management services are known to improve dealership performance and increase dealer profitability.

We routinely analyze your dealership’s performance and devise plans fixed around focus items, which reward achievement. Our unique ability to find, and put emphasis on, your dealerships target areas that are critical to your bottom line: where you have fallen short of your goals, where you could have increased dealership profitability.

Our Vanguard representatives are frequently in your dealership to help manage your F&I dealer incentive management programs and make sure you are seeing the increase in results for your dealership and hitting your dealership goals.

Contact us for more information on our F&I Dealer Incentive Management and learn how to improve dealership performance.