Service Contract Follow-Up Program

Stop 3RD Party Vendors from Stealing Your Customers

Increase customer satisfaction, and improve your profitability.

Many dealerships are suffering from 3rd party companies that are using purchased data to sell Service Contracts to your customers by mail and phone. We have a solution to combat this.

Our post-mail marketing solution can help drive traffic back to your dealership while generating increased customer loyalty and retention. There’s no cost to your dealership and no state restrictions. Let us contact those customers who did not buy a Service Contract at the point of sale.

Results Include the following:

  • All revenue made in F&I is kept by the dealership
  • Vanguard Dealer Services will take on the cost of all Marketing Expenses

Service Contract Follow-Up Program

With over 20 years of experience, Vanguard Dealer Services is a leading expert in post-sale vehicle service contract marketing, focusing on targeted product marketing and sales. We provide custom marketing programs to dealerships by utilizing advanced data modeling and certified sales centers, Vanguard Dealer Services delivers a reliable vehicle service contract follow-up program. The goal is to forge strong connections, enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue.