R.E.D. ALERT Safety System

Rear End Deterrent Program

Increase customer satisfaction, and improve your profitability.

Rear-end collisions and Distracted Driving are at an all-time high and safety
is a primary concern dealerships across the nation.

The R.E.D. ALERT system installed in vehicles automatically pulses the third brake light every time you brake. It is designed to help prevent rear-end collisions, the second leading cause of accidents today.

Dealers can use use R.E.D. ALERT for the protection of their vehicles and the safety of their customers during test-drives.

5 Year Platinum Profit Proforma

200 Vehicles Sold and 15% F&I Penetration

Parts Department
Dealer Cost – Red Alert Hardware $49.00
Parts Profit – Mark-Up @ 30% $15.00
Total Parts Cost $ 64.00
Parts Department Total (200 Vehicles X $15 Parts Mark-Up) $ 3,000.00
Service Department
Installation Cost @ .3 Hours X $175 Labor Rate $ 52.50
Service Department Total (200 Vehicles X $52.5 Labor) $ 10,500.00
Sales Department
Total Cost to Vehicle ($64 Parts + $52.5 Installation Cost) $ 116.50
Sales Department Total ($599 Retail Price – $116.5 Cost to Sales X 200 Vehicles) $96,500.00
F&I Department – Warranty Benefit (Non-Cancellable!!)
F&I Profit = $599 Retail Price – $110 Benefit Cost $489.00
200 Vehicles Sold @ 15% Penetration (30 Benefits Sold)
F&I Department Total ($599 Retail Price – $110 Benefit Cost X 30 Policies Sold) $14,670.00
Dealer Profits
Parts Department $ 3,000.00
Service Department $10,500.00
Sales Department $96,500.00
F&I Department $14,670.00
Total Dealership Profit Per Month $124,670.00

Safety Benefits Of Flashing Rear End Brake Lights

Rear End Alerts give drivers a proven safety advantage. Studies show that just a fraction of a second of extra warning will dramatically decrease rear end collisions.