Waypoint GPS

Vehicle GPS Solutions for Dealerships

Increase customer satisfaction, and improve your profitability.

You can gain visibility of your assets and boost aftermarket sales by providing Waypoint GPS to your customers. Enhance your dealership operations with inventory management, and customer experience improvements through an easily transferable point-of-sale transaction. Waypoint GPS is recognized and trusted in the industry for its effectiveness and reliability.

Real-Time GPS Location

Locate your vehicle wherever it’s parked or track it live on the road.

Vehicle and Family Protection

  • Real-time Location
  • Excessive Speed Alerts
  • 100% Historical Driver Playback
  • Sharespot (Send Your Location)
  • GeoFence and InstaFence Boundary Alerts (customizable)
  • Accident Impact Assistance
  • Insurance Discounts (vary by insurance provider)
  • 24/7 Pinpoint Roadside Assistance (US and Canada)
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance
  • Theft Benefit
  • Service Reminders
  • Powerful Mobile App