Vehicle Theft Protection

Vehicle Theft Protection Programs

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Window etching is a powerful anti-theft measure that significantly diminishes the chances of vehicle theft while boosting recovery rates. This service involves engraving the vehicle’s VIN on its windows, providing an extra layer of security. Customers who opt for VIN glass etching benefit from a unique offer: should their vehicle be stolen, they’re eligible for up to $5,000 to cover any out-of-pocket expenses not compensated by insurance. Our programs are comprehensively insured, fully licensed, and sanctioned for distribution across all states. Moreover, we are officially registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs, ensuring compliance and reliability.

Vehicle Theft Protection

Window vin glass etching programs significantly reduce the likelihood of auto theft. Insurance company studies have shown about a 65 percent reduction in theft of etched vehicles.

We offer programs that are fully insured, licensed and approved for sale in all states. Our programs are registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs