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We Generate Results for Our Customers

We generate results for our customers

It’s such a relief to have a professional F&I guy sit in for our guys whenever needed. Thank you, Vanguard Dealer Services!

Bill Brunner

Vice President

Paramus Chevrolet


I can’t say enough about how great Vanguard Dealer Services is. They really work with the entire store to maximize profit and knowledge of all products.The Vanguard team are always available to answer any questions and assist with any issue. Thank you for all your help and support.

Matthew Tatalikas

Finance Manager

Mini of Morristown

Vanguard has been our partner for many years. They consistently come through with and without request. An excellent team of professionals!

Brian Blum

Director of Finance

Mercedes-Benz of Paramus


Vanguard Dealer Services has always been great. They are always there to answer questions and help resolve issues and do so efficiently. They also stay on top of potential compliance issues as well as new and best ways to provide valuable services to our customer base.

Cory Maryniewski

Finance Manager

Transitowne Hyundai


“The product offerings and support from Vanguard have been second to none. This has enabled us to take our F&I business to the next level.”

Ed Kopac

General Manager

Paul Miller Porsche


“Vanguard is phenomenal in every aspect! From the services they provide to the staff that gives their undivided attention. Steve Memolo and the Vanguard team are amazing!”

Janet Feliciano 

Dealer Principal

Hyundai of South Brunswick


Started off training with Vanguard Dealer Services. Although the current dealer I was working in was sold. Have been working at Lincoln of Wayne for a little under a year now and only have positive things about Vanguard. Very helpful and respond quickly to everything we are in need of at the dealer!

David Malafatopoulos
Lincoln of Wayne
Business Manager

It was close of the month and I was short-handed in our F&I department. Vanguard immediately dispatched assistance to our team which allowed us to deliver all scheduled deliveries as well as spots!

Steve Reedy

General Manager

Mercedes-Benz of Caldwell

Vanguard is very proficient and did increase revenue. Overall, the Vanguard Dealer Services team are professionals all the way.

Teresa Zehnder
Maplecrest Ford Lincoln

Prior to Leo Soberanis (District Manager for Vanguard Dealer Services) coming here I was always so nervous when I had a delivery. So, besides the fact that he taught me how to go over my menu in such a simple but effective way, he built my confidence too. He would come in right before I had a deal and would always say, “You got this, make sure you have a smile on your face. The people love you. Just be you; you’ll be fine.” We would go over the menu on how to do it for that exact deal. A few minutes later the customer left happy with at least Warranty and GAP. Leo has become one of my mentors in this business and I couldn’t do it without him.

Thank you, Vanguard Dealer Services!

Eftemeh Awawdeh

Finance Manager

All American Ford of Hackensack



My name is Jeff Cooper I am the new Business Manager at Cortese Ford.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of your guys today. Tim Allen

I have been in the business for 8 years and have met a ton of trainers and consultants.

Tim blew me away. He was by far the best I have ever dealt with and I look forward to working with him again soon!

Just wanted to give him the props he deserves.

Jeff Cooper

Business Manager

Cortese Ford

Vanguard Dealer Services,

As the general manager, I have high expectations of what our aftermarket partner should be. I was looking for strong F&I products, a menu system for product presentations and compliance regulations along with strong finance / sales training. I am pleased to say Vanguard Dealer Services has proven to be that partner. Not only have they brought great products in our stores such as Vehicle Service Contracts, Gap, Etch, Tire and Whell and a custom Maintenance program. They also have exceptional trainers that help us to a higher PVR in all 3 stores. I pleased to say I’ve used Vanguard for the last 9 plus years and they have more then met my expectations.

Mark Erickson
General Manager
Cypress Coast Ford
Cypress Coast Mazda Subaru
Val Strough Honda

Hi Vanguard,

I’m Shawn Bulger the business manager at Mangino Chevrolet.

I wanted to write to let you know that I would recommend Tim Allen for his role in training here in the finance department at my dealership.

I’ve been extremely satisfied with the service Tim gives and I appreciate his unique perspective as a former finance guy.

I’ve been using some of his cool word tracks and its definitely increased my product penetration.


Shawn Bulger

Mangino Chevrolet

Shawn Bulger
Business Manager

Mangino Chevrolet

I just wanted to send you a “Thank you” for all that you and your team have done over the last few months to assist Mini of Dutchess County. As you know, we have experienced quite a few problems in the F&I office. You and your team have been so flexible as well as attentive to all of the needs that have come up and with great success.

I have been in the automobile business for almost 30 years and have never seen this type of customer service! I had to send a big “Congrats” to Ryan, Leo, Tim, Kevin and the rest of the team.

Thanks again for all you do…

Mike Perry

General Manager

Mini of Dutchess County

I felt that it was important to explain how satisfied I am with Vanguard’s Visual Display and Compliance System, along with our F&I Specialist. With constant change in the auto industry, I feel that Vanguard Dealer Services is innovative and leading us into the future. Vanguard’s Visual Display and Compliance system has single handedly increased my per car average $350. It is a forward thinking program and I applaud you for bringing it to our dealership. It has allowed me to create a much better buying experience for the customer, which shows on the bottom line income for the dealership, as well as myself. Further, the customer satisfaction level has risen to the top of our district. Vanguard’s system allows for transparency in order to show the customer what they are buying in a stress-free interactive experience.

I understand that our dealership has been with Vanguard for many years, and I personally understand why. The Vanguard organization is there for us when we need them, and I thank you for the amazing support. Vanguard is our side by side partner and allows us to maximize every opportunity here at Destination Kia. Keep up the great work.

Zachary Wright
F&I Manager
Destination Kia
760 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

Zachary Wright
F&I Manager
Destination Kia
760 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

Hi Joel,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Vanguard Dealer Services for the consistent efforts and support you have provided us for the last five years.

When considering switching companies to partner with for our F&I and Dealership Development, there are many choices in the market from the Factory OEM to the many companies that provide F& I products. We chose Vanguard Dealer Services based on the promist that we’re not just getting F&I Products.

Here are a few of the many reasons we decided to partner with Vanguard: The Vanguard Performance Development Process and it’s in house one on one finance training and development, the extensive retail experience Vanguard brings to the table (it’s always good to deal with real “car people”), as well as the continued support to our staff and high level of service that Vanguard provides. The results have been sensational!

We are able to recruit inexperienced F&I managers and avoid all the bad habits and problems that seasoned Finance Managers can bring with them. With Vanguard’s PDP format and training curriculum we are now very confident that this process makes them the type of Finance Managers our Company expects and can hand the challenging 21st Century consumer. In addition there has been a significant increase of $400 PVR within our groups 5 dealerships and our product penetration has doubled to over 100%.

We also value the monitoring of our state and federal compliance. This not only avoids legal problems, but the systems and controls installed, including mandatory presentation of F&I menus to 100% of customers have helped drive sales of products and protect us from disclosure violations.

Since we have implemented The Warren Henry Advantage on Vanguard’s recommendation, we have increased our market share and moved ahead of our direct competition. The process has helped us differentiate ourselves in the market and has provided our customers with more value when they purchase a new vehicle from Warren Henry. The additional training for our sales staff is a great confidence builder; it gives the salesperson a road map that helps take the customer down the road to a sale expediting the sales process. Our sales managers tell us this program has not only increased closing ratios but has also allowed us to retain higher grosses in the front end.

If you ever come across a dealer that is considering a switch to Vanguard Dealer Services, I would be glad to be a reference.

Best Regards,
Warren Henry Auto Group
Warren Zinn, President

Warren Zinn


Warren Henry Auto Group


I thought I would take a moment and communicate to you just how effective the entire Vanguard Team is at delivering results to your dealers in today’s challenging market conditions. I took a snap shot of your dealers using our menu and looked at some key business indicators being generated, a “before and after” on critical business metrics like PVR and product penetrations. It is important to note that these are not just one of two choice dealers; these are the combined results of over 25 of your dealers on the OptionSoft menu platform that are being developed and guided by Vanguard. It did not take long to realize just how effective the combination of the menu and Vanguard’s unique dealer development skills are at delivering incredible results to your dealers.
• Comparison dates are 3 months after date of initial install of OTI menu and following 3 months
o Allows 3 months to acclimate to reports, better product definition, fine tune, etc
• Key Best Practices being implemented by Vanguard in their development activities:
o “100% Rule” – all products to all customers every time
o Average of 3 menu prints per deal
o Utilize OptionSoft Business Development Reports platform fully/frequently
o Utilize the Gas Savings char and Selected Options tools/prints in the majority of deals
• Key Business Indicators:
o New PVR increased 19%
o Used PVR increased 18%
o Total Product Count Index increased 59%
o VSC Pen on New increased 32%
o VSC Pen on Used increased 19%
There are a lot of F&I Development companies in the market today that claim to be leaders in delivering results like these. Traditionally, these claims prove to be hollow and unfulfilled. Vanguard is a true exception in delivering on its commitment to their dealers, uniquely positioning them to grow and expand while others stand still or go backwards. This is what Leadership is all about, delivering results and exceeding expectations!

Nicely done to the entire team, all of us at OptionSoft are proud to be associated with such a winning team.

Ken Tomaro – President
OptionSoft Technologies

Ken Tomaro


OptionSoft Technologies

I’d like to take a moment to thank you, Joel Perez and the entire team at Vanguard Dealer Services for the many years that your company has partnered with the Vista Motor Company. As you know, Vista BMW has been the #1 BMW Retailer in the United States for the last seven years. We feel that partnering with Vanguard Dealer Services has been a perfect fit and shares our company values and reputation in the market.

When our owners and Executive Management decided to make a move from JM&A, the company that we were using for many years and one of the largest players in our industry, we didn’t know what to expect. Making this type of change, particularly in the critical F&I Department might have represented a difficult transition but our Vanguard Team has consistently been up to the task.

Our dealerships F&I performance has consistently increased in both Per Vehicle Retail (PVR) as well as Product Penetration. In 2007 our PVR was approximately $700 and Product Penetration 125% and our results recently have increased to $975 and 183$. With our monthly volume this represents a substantial increase in profit.

Vista Motors is part of the South Motors Automotive Group with close to 30 F&I Managers whose performance is tracked monthly. I look forward to reviewing the group’s monthly performance with you and take great pride when I see Vista’s F&I Managers consistently at the top.

The Vanguard Performance Development Process (PDP) for our F&I Training, and most recently Vanguard’s Automotive Career Experts (ACE) Sales Training, which has been embraced by our Sales Personnel, only adds to the high level of training and service that Vanguard Dealer Services provide.

Should you ever need a reference or any help acquiring a new dealer, please feel free to use this letter or have them contact me directly.

Thanks again,
Michael Perrault
General Manager
Vista Motor Company

Michael Perrault
General Manager
Vista Motor Company

To Whom It May Concern,

When the Vision Automotive Group decided to provide Vehicle Service Contracts in our six stores, we did not factor in the impact of our relationship with Vanguard Dealer Services.

As a result of the excellent training and the monthly review meetings with all of our General Managers and our Finance Managers, we are very conservative with attributing over $180 per car average increase across all stores including our Buffalo operations.

Not only have we had very little employee turnover in the Finance Departments, but when we do make a change, Vanguard is there to train and monitor the new employee. I believe that Vanguard is very important factor in both employee retention and success.

The accessibility of Steve, Mickey and Marty make Easy Care a product that earns our managers trust and confidence. They really want to make things right in all situations. They treat our employees and our companies like a valued customer.

Any decision with regard to service contracts must factor in service and support. Vanguard is exceptional in that area and they truly differentiate themselves in the service contract arena.

Sincerely yours,
Douglas Indovina
Vice President
Vision Automotive Group

Douglas Indovina
Vice President
Vision Automotive Group

To Whom It May Concern,

Gaudin Jaguar Porsche Aston Martin of Las Vegas has been selling the Easy Care extended warranty since May, 2004. We have been completely satisfied with the service that Apco, Vanguard Dealer Services and its representatives have provided to our Dealership and most importantly to our customers. Their Representative is always available to help with any of our service needs. Not only does he have the dealership at best interest, but the customer’s needs as well.

Gaudin Jaguar Porsche Aston Martin of Las Vegas highly recommends Vanguard Dealer Services Apco, and Easy Care for all of your extended warranty sales and needs.

Beth Lamemier

Beth Lamemier
Finance Director
Gaudin Jaguar Porsche Aston Martin of Las Vegas
7200 W. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89117

With a sizeable business, with multiple dealerships I have a number of trusted advisors – including accountants and lawyers.

But none who could help with the complicated challenge I had in F&I.

We knew a change was necessary; but how to do it and not disrupt the business further?

That’s where you and Vanguard entered the picture. You provided a credible plan for:
A. Helping hire and establish appropriate pay plans
B. Providing a F&I specialist to fill in and keep the business going during our transition
C. Stabilizing the finance department during the switch to Vanguard
D. Offering us new warranty products, providing full service despite our using Toyota/ Subaru Gap and VSC
E. Helping make the product decision easy, by providing key data on the A rated insurance carriers behind your product; thus making it easy to switch from an individual vendor to a company.
F. Working in the store till closing to help out and provide continuity

And then, you were patient; you waited till deemed the time right to make the move, then supported us to the utmost.

It’s said that the hardest part of managing a business is managing people. Vanguard is par excellence in this arena.

I would gladly provide a reference for you.

Elizabeth Brauer
Toyota of Morristown
Subaru of Morristown

Elizabeth Brauer
Toyota of Morristown
Subaru of Morristown

Dear Vanguard Dealer Services,

The GM of a store has a unique perspective in the auto dealership management hierarchy. He has to effectively run the store, on a day to day basis, and watch out for the broader interests of the owner. I understand this synthesis of perspectives – because I am both an owner and a GM.

One of the reasons we like the Vanguard offering and team is that they “get it”. They understand both the day needs and the long-term planning needs of the dealership. They have serviced my F&I needs in 2 dealerships I have owned, including the one I currently manage.

Vanguard has always given me the feeling my store is the most important client they have. I have seen steady PVR and penetration growth, with strict attention to compliance – helping with risk management.

Vanguard understand teamwork – they function as a team and help my group do the same.

They truly know the car business and what we need. They help us in good markets and through the tough markets alike.

Vanguard is not only our dealership business partner. They have earned our friendship and remain our trusted dealership adviser.


Lawrence Parisi

Executive Manager

Lawrence Parisi

Executive Manager