New Business Strategies for the Post-Pandemic Shopper

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The 2020 pandemic saw shoppers who have stockpiled essential items, dramatically increased online buying, and changed the way they spend their dollars. The market had to adapt to these changes quickly and concisely. Its projected that post-pandemic buying behaviors will be adopted as the new normal and remain the same, with consumers requiring digital access

Dealership News Podcast

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Mickey Quinn, General Manager of Vanguard Dealer Services, talks with Kelly Kleinman from Dealership News about how Vanguard’s products and services can help dealerships increase profits without even selling another car. Listen in as they also discuss the future of the automotive industry and how dealerships can maximize F&I profits moving forward.

Pitching Products in The Service Drive

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Jim Henry  Automotive News November 30, 2011 – 12:09 pm ET It’s impossible to miss Service Manager Nestor Alvarez at Land Rover North Dade, a Miami dealership — or the fact that he offers extended-service contracts in the service lane. “We promote it pretty heavily,” he says. That’s an understatement. The slogan “Ask Nestor”

‘Why F&I Is So Critical’

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As facility costs rise and finance profits dwindle, dealers keep looking for the newest widget in insurance products that will boost their bottom lines. The latest trend is bundling products into packages instead of making the customer pick and choose from a longer and longer menu, says F&I product provider Jim Polley. He’s president of

Vanguard Dealer Services Improves Dealerships’ Profitability By Offering MOTOR TREND

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Vanguard Dealer Services, a leading provider of dealership consulting services and F&I products, is working to improve profitability for dealerships by providing MOTOR TREND® Recommended Best Buy products from EasyCare. Fairfield, NJ – September 9, 2009 – Vanguard Dealer Services, a leading provider of automotive consulting, dealership training and F&I products and services, is working to

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