Vanguard Dealer Services Celebrates 10th Anniversary Providing F&I Products, Dealership Consulting

Vanguard Dealer Services, a leading provider of dealership consulting, automotive sales training and F&I products, is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary of excellence in automotive consulting services.

Fairfield, NJ – June 1, 2009 – Vanguard Dealer Services has recently completed its tenth year of providing leading dealership consulting, automotive sales training and F&I Products to dealerships from coast to coast.

This important milestone for Vanguard Dealer Services is accompanied by rapid industry growth.  During the company’s tenth year, Vanguard Dealer Services was also recognized by the Automobile Protection Corporation as the largest agency in the country for the seventh year in a row.

According to company officials, Vanguard Dealer Services’ current success and expansion can be attributed to an unwavering commitment to providing dealerships with top products and services for improved F&I profitability.

“Since day one, our team has been dedicated to increasing the profitability of dealerships’ F&I departments through superior customer service, expert-level knowledge, and top dealership consulting services,” says Jim Polley, President of Vanguard Dealer Services.  “It is our ambition to maintain this commitment to quality in order to experience continued growth throughout the next ten years and beyond.”

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About Vanguard Dealer Services
Since 1999, Vanguard Dealer Services has been a leading provider of automotive consulting, dealership training and F&I products and services.  Vanguard has earned recognition from the Automobile Protection Corporation as the largest agency in the country for seven consecutive years as a result of our extensive automotive F&I knowledge and consistent excellence in dealership consulting services.

The Vanguard Dealer Services team is equipped with broad expertise in the automotive F&I industry in order to effectively analyze dealerships and recognize opportunities for increased profitability.  Backed by automotive manufacturers and top insurance companies, Vanguard Dealer Services offers a complete range of F&I products to improve dealerships’ sales, profits, CSI scores and customer retention rates.

The team at Vanguard Dealer Services is committed to providing superior customer service, treating each customer with the responsiveness and flexibility that have come to define Vanguard Dealer Services as a leader in the automotive F&I industry.