Vanguard Dealer Services has been the honored recipient of EasyCare’s Globe Award for 10 years in a row!

August 7, 2013 – EasyCare®, the leading independent provider of automotive ownership benefits, is proud to congratulate Vanguard Dealer Services on its 10 consecutive years as the EasyCare Globe Award winner.

EasyCare works with its agency partners to offer leading edge automotive benefits that give dealerships and customers a distinct advantage so drivers can enjoy buying and owning their vehicle. The Globe Award recognizes the EasyCare agency whose dealership partners provide the most automotive benefits to customers.

EasyCare tracks its agency partners’ progress by sending monthly standings to all participants, and the Globe Award winner is announced at the annual EasyCare Agents Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since 1999, Vanguard has offered EasyCare’s leading edge automotive benefits to more than 300 dealerships throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Florida, and California. Like EasyCare, Vanguard provides more to its dealership partners, which includes extensive training and consulting in all areas of the dealership from the sales department to the service drive.

“Vanguard has always been committed to fair, friendly, and focused responses to their dealerships and customers,” says Larry Dorfman, CEO of EasyCare. “Their employees are just as dedicated to providing world-class service and more than what’s expected as we are, and I look forward to many more years of working together.”

“Our commitment to dealership profitability has made us an integral element in the success of a rapidly growing base of automobile dealers,” says Jim Polley, President of Vanguard Dealer Services. “The long-term relationship we have with EasyCare has been an essential part throughout our success as we strive to provide exceptional delivery of F&I products and services. Each member of our team is committed to delivering responsive service and the most comprehensive selection of F&I products and services the industry has to offer.”

Dealerships can learn more about the benefits of offering EasyCare benefits by clicking here or calling 800-230-2434.

For more information about Vanguard Dealer Services, please call us at 973-575-7171

About Vanguard Dealer Services
Since 1999, Vanguard Dealer Services has been a leading provider of automotive dealership consulting, dealership training, and dealership F&I products and services. Vanguard’s dealerships benefit from better-managed sales and F&I departments, higher F&I profits for both new and used vehicles, reinsurance benefits, higher customer retention rates, and improved CSI scores. The company’s focused expertise and reputation for credibility differentiates them from their competition.